Update Aug. 17, 2016 version 2.413 by Ron Dorsey

Page Builder has to be the center of the universe for WordPress. It is the content creator's, non-coder's dream plugin when you consider building a WordPress page. There are 8 key advances while using Page Builder plugin:

  1. Widget nor plugins have to relegated to sidebars, they now are set anywhere on the page
  2. Versatile page creation - you may present columns of different widths and different column layout groups on the same page
  3. CSS (stylizing) a content layout block and its borders are available for the non-coder
  4. Seasoned coders who think ahead which craft well constructed scripts
  5. Growing Siteorigin plugins (widgets) for Page Builder by Siteorigin and by third parties
  6. Free and Premium PageBuilder Themes - these themes provide easy use, fast page loads and are integrated with Page Builder in mind 
  7. PageBuilder is free with great free and responsive support
  8. Bugs or Page Builder plugin conflicts are resolved in short time

No need to concern about a ridged theme templates to style your page. This site and WP-Skyway are totally produced using Page Builder and the Headway theme. Headway is used as an empty container for adding Page Builder page layout structures.

March 29, 2014

From the author: v 1.4.7

  • Fixed an issue with copy content
  • Improved handling of styles in prebuilt layouts
  • Improved error handling in Javascript
  • Fixed issue with checkboxes

Bundled Widgets

To get you started, we've include a few widgets:

  • Gallery widget for inserting image galleries.
  • Image widget for inserting standard images.
  • Self hosted video widget for embedding your own videos.
  • Post Loop to display a list of posts. This requires that your theme supports it.

As well as some essential page elements widgets:

  • Button
  • Call to Action
  • List
  • Price Box
  • Animated Image
  • Testimonial

3rd Party Widgets

Most standard widgets work with Page Builder, but here are some of our favorites.



February 04, 2014

Version 1.47 is now very fast, credit due to only updating the widgets that have only changed. This has significantly improved both the time it takes to saves a page and the speed it takes to regain the editing screen.

From the author: "I just spent a lot of time profiling CPU usage and tried to eliminate as many bottlenecks as possible. The major change was only loading each widget form when you actually click on the widget, rather then preloading them all."


January 8, 2014

PageBuilder 1.4.3 and 1.4.2 have been tested slower saves than version 1.3.x.

January 8, 2014

PageBuilder . version 1.4.2 Corrects the problems found in 1.41. This version has quick response.

January 4, 2014

PageBuilder . version 1.4.1 impacts higher page loads upon a save. Suggest you roll back to version 1.3x.

September 10, 2013

Page Builder by SiteOrigin, has to be one of the important plugins key for laying out content within a page in a WordPress installation. A drag-n-drop page layout plugin which is geared for the layperson. Easily layout pages for different formats. WordPress Skyway will provide demonstrations which will show you how this plugin allows you to add images, columns, video and then stylize your page to look like magazine, blog or a combination of several styles - all without have to ask a coder to assist you.

WordPress Skyway will help make you a pro at utilizing Page Builder which is basic to creating interesting pages. Which means:

  • Place a WordPress widget anywhere in the page body and not just in the sidebars
  • Create multiple columns while having different columns grouping on the same page
  • Add Page Builder widgets which extends what can function on a page
    Columns do not have to be rigid nor do each have to be the same width, they can be stretched wider or narrower by dragging the blocks.

Example of adding a block border to a Layout Builder block type.

This is a 2 column (right column) within a Layout Builder block

PageBuilder Video Tutorials

click above to play video

Website / Forum (WordPress.org)

Create newsprint-like copy

Unfortunately, Page Builder does not offer dynamic column layout as seem above. The image shows the bottom of the page is trimmed evenly - this means that the content flows over to the next column depending on the readers browser's font setting and/or page orientation. 

Check out the Page Builder product review at Talking Manuals.

Content Hinting

November 3, 2013

Page Builder lacks the ability to give a peek of what content is inside of each block. You would have to open each block to see its content.

blocks labels-ether builder
No content hints for PB blocks
blocks with content hint
Content hinting found in a competitive product

Would like to see where Page Builder has content hints on the blocks like we see in another plagin above.

Adding a "Custom-Field-Type" Creator/Manager

Providing a dialog structure like we see at bottom, would give the non coder the ability to change many aspects of a Page Builder styles, for example: blocks, columns, background and block wrappers.